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Translators wanted!

Postby Johnny » Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:24 pm

4DO is set up to support multiple languages (in the upcoming version). Of course, this requires manual translation of the various textual occurences in the program. If you'd like support for a specific language in 4DO, we could use your help!

To translate 4DO, you will be updating "resource files" (.resx) matching the language of choice. There are currently only two files. These files contain records, one for each word or phrase to be translated.

Languages currently in progress are:

    English (Johnny) - Done, obviously
    Russian (Viktor) - Done
    Portuguese (Enio Marconcini) - Done
    French (Benjamin Siskoo) - Done
    Chinese_Simplified (money) - Done
    Spanish (Antonio "Bloodbat" Ramirez) - Done
    German (lenne) - Done

If you would like to contribute translations for a language, I intend for the process to be:
    1. Private message me in the forums with your preferred language and an email address. Also, consider posting on this thread to "reserve" a language.
    2. I will update this post indicating that you are working on it.
    3. I will email you the .resx files for editing.
    4. Fill out translations for the language.
    5.a. If you want a particular entry to just use the English default translation, delete the entry.
    5.b. If you leave an entry blank, it will show up blank in the 4DO interface. (I will probably delete these for you)
    6. When you are done, email me back the completed .resx files.
    7. Wait for the next release, and enjoy our thanks for helping! :)

There are several ways to work with .resx files, but the simplest is to just use a text editor. More sophisticated standalone resource file editors exist, so you could find them searching Google. Also, Visual Studio has decent tools for this built-in.
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Re: Translators wanted!

Postby andersonrossi » Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:30 pm

I can translate in Portuguese - Brazilian. What Is Next Step?
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Re: Translators wanted!

Postby sev7en » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:33 am

Good morning,
if you want, I can work around the Italian language. I cannot send you PM.

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