Strange slowdown

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Strange slowdown

Postby Sedabi » Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:07 pm

Dear Johnny. I have a problem with the emulator.
In order:
In general, there are strange in the emulator slowdown.
Emulator folder is on drive C:
Game (the image) is also on the C: drive
Windows 7 x64
Games played with a few slow strokes. And the music and video games are working fine.
In the emulator Freedo 2.1.1 no such problems.
But if I transfer the game (the image) to another hard drive, that is, run the emulator from drive C:, and the game with a drive E:
we do not have such slowdowns.
Why is this happening?
This is very strange, and I repeat, with the emulator Freedo 2.1.1. no such problems.

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