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Words of Encouragement

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:18 pm
by Shaun
Awesome work on the FourDO project... maybe it's just nostalgic, but 3DO has been my favorite system (despite really only having a dozen or so really great games) ever since playing Total Eclipse on display at the mall when I was a kid. Very exciting to see some very talented folks working on a project like this.

My wife actually bought me an FZ-1 for Christmas and I'm surprised to find that certain games actually run much better on your emulator. (Starfighter, for example, at double-resolution and bumped up CPU speed.)

I have run into some issues on V1.3.1.0: Twisted crashes 75% of the time after failing to get off the wheel of torture (when it returns to the host, Twink Fizzdale), the afterburners' audio is very shrill in Starfighter (particularly when laying off the acceleration.)

Should I create an account on the compatibility list wiki to report issues like these?

Anyways, great job again. If you're looking for any extra assistance beta-testing let me know.