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Versions uploaded prior to widespread release
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby katananja » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:44 am

Hello, I hope nobody stopped the project yet. ;) To the problems.

4DO_1.3.1.1 - Revision 2 / Win7 64Bit.

I have the original Panasonic REAL Sampler CD (Japan):
code: DFJN5003ZAZ
Name: Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer - Sampler CD
ID: 4953DD81
Checksun: 4953DD8143D4C899EE87E0D20545193E

Made two different images from the same disc using different software:

Code: Select all

cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --driver generic-mmc-raw --datafile sampler_cd(j).bin --device 1,0,0 -v 1 sampler_cd(j).toc

md5sum: e1fbcd1439f1f5e7b31db74139035879
sha1: a98676a61d7c9ed8bfce6cc4b949bdb3f9a1684d
Size: 506MB (530.916.960 bytes)


Code: Select all

readcd -v dev=1,0,0 f=sampler_cd(j).iso

md5sum: 9459c59453399633e5dcb0bf20e1cdec
sha1: ba0760e25a4b319995119954d7069c4ed4593c3f
Size: 440MB (462.295.040 bytes)

This disc boot just fine on the 4DO v1.3.1.0, but it really worked 90% on 4DO v1.3.1.1 - Revision 2 in a very specific condition, the problem is at the Photo CD menu (top right).

- I doesn't work with the original CD or the BIN cd image, the music starts and enter in a loop playing the music over and over, there is no demonstration.
- It does work however with the ISO, the music starts and the demonstration goes forward normally.

The sampler CD doesn't work at all in 4DO v1.3.1.1 Revision 6, it froze soon after the boot with a black screen and no sound, doesn't matter if a CD, ISO or bin it's used.

Another thing that I've noticed with v1.3.1.0 or v1.3.1.1 rev2 it's that the timing it's off, there is this animation at the beginning of the sampler CD where stuff comes out of an TV, I've noticed that it's way too fast, so fast that the music skips to keep up in sync. There is cases where the music start before the "loading" screen fades away. (all settings are default!)

Maybe this is what is causing all this troubles, I'm guessing.
Thank you.
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby BryWI » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:09 pm

Some games are running too fast in the later revisions of this beta. Some of the changes fix some things while other things are broken in the process. Things have been kind of slow around here lately. Hopefully things will pick back up sooner or later. It hasn't been decided if these revision changes are going to stick or not. A lot of these changes were to get away from game specific fixes and improve the accuracy of the core. Things keep breaking though.
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby Torden » Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:23 am


Thank you for improving on the FreeDo emulator, it makes my life better ;)

Will one of the future builds support multi-core for 64-bit? I'm running win7-64 with a 6-core Phenom II running at 3.5 GHz. When I use the Double resolution rendering option, I drop down to as low as 38fps. I checked my cpu and it was running at 17-18% (My other programs I had running at the time was at a give or take 5%). This tells me that this is a 32-bit build... Is it difficult to make it multi-core supported?
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby BryWI » Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:17 pm

It was an idea at one time to look into possibly speeding things up using multiple cores, but I don't think it's that easily done. I don't think anyone has started to look into this yet. Not that I have heard. Things have been kinda slow regarding development lately.
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby Torden » Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:35 pm

I see... I don't have much to do as I am to ill to have a steady job for the time being. If I could be a part of the development team I would gladly put in some work to make it 64-bit. Other emulators can do it, so why not this one ;) I just have to look into what it is that have to be done to make it work.
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby Johnny » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:06 am

Okay, I have a little good news.

The core timing changes definitely seem like a step in the right direction (they have much fewer game-specific fixes!), but I can't determine the cause or solution to some of the new problems that have shown up as a result such as the problems that katananja reported with the sampler CD. I also simply don't understand the FMV Sync option. Even worse, the beta code was in the main code branch, so we couldn't release until the beta was sorted out.

For the record, some of the problems may have been to the code mixups we had. The exact source code for Revision 6, for example, isn't anywhere in our source control for us to test. Revision 6 may have been a "bad build". Another interesting tidbit is that I noticed that Lost Eden does not easily boot in the latest release: . I managed to get it to boot by messing with the CPU clockspeed. I could not get Lost Eden to boot at all with the latest beta code , but for all I know, I just didn't luck into the right scenario.

Because of this, I have picked out onlythese core fixes since the last release and I've shelved them. These core fixes will be available to be worked on later, and I'm hoping Viktor finds time to come help out again since I can't seem to figure it out on my own! Sorry! :oops:

However: normal releases can continue! I have a couple minor UI bugs and German language support to release. Nothing remarkable planned at the moment.
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby Sedabi » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:26 pm

Hi John, this is very good news. I can advise to contact the Altmer, and asked him to new DSP code. This is also very helpful in solving compatibility. But that he would give him ..... Victor unfortunately out of sight. Maybe you just now with him obschaeshsya, but these jokes staymingami-processor can not always lead to the right result.
Trite it fixes (crutches) - although many emulators on it and the base.
Even Altmer can hardly get around this principle. Meanwhile Nemenov I wish good luck to you and Victor, and watch over the project.
Thank you for what you do not stop the work.
PS But you could already learn slowly architecture 3DO :)
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby Viktor » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:13 pm

I'am finally back to continue developing of this beta fixes to the end.

As for now, new version R7 is prepared.
Fixed some important problems:
Panasonic - Sampler CD boot problems fixed,
Escape Of Monster Manor game speed turned back,

Lost Eden still seems random boots.

Download: http://rghost.ru/43780726
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Re: Beta - Core updates

Postby katananja » Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:31 am

Thank you, @Viktor.

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